Prioritizing Made Possible by Jess Lively

I just came across a new site that I absolutely adore! It’s all about “designing a life of business with intention.” Now how beautiful does that sound? Ladies and gents, introducing a hub of classic creativity and career tips, Jess Lively.

With the start of a new school year, the college schedule brings a somewhat crazy schedule of late night study sessions, midday coffee breaks (errr, nap times?), and socializing between classes. In my own opinion, most college students who want to live a balanced life throughout their college career work equivalent to two full-time jobs. More often than not, between my friends and I at least, a common quote is, “I have so much to do and no time. How will it all get done?” And the common reply is, “It always gets done somehow…”

I am sure all you Millennials out there can relate that on top of all that our attention is being pulled in countless other directions. From social media to family and friends, it’s a mystery we get anything done. Because let’s face it, while social media is what our generation thrives on, so much of it is a huge time waster and a tool that makes us procrastination professionals.

So naturally, knowing this, one of the first posts that grabbed my attention was titled, “Prioritizing and Staying Productive.” That sounds like it could be filled with priceless information, right? Well, both part one and part two, are GOLDEN!

Take advantage of these tips! I am going to attempt to do so this week. Thank you, Jess!