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Blog Comment #1:

Public Relations Matters. 9/9/11. Blog Post:”Dedicated to First-Year Student Me: Thriving in Your First Year at SEU” written by Barbara Nixon

Although I already knew that I needed to time manage, I wasn’t prepared for how challenging that would be- academically, spiritually and socially.
In an academic sense, I got involved in a club relevant to my major which was very beneficial. So GET INVOLVED; no one will make you.
Spiritually, I would say just because we are going to a Christian university and going to chapels doesn’t count as growing spiritually on your own. Put in your own effort.
And socially… go to everything; every event or invite. It will put your face out there and people will get to know you.

Blog Comment #2:

PRestigious. 9/10/11. Blog Post: “The Freshman Survival Guide” written by Taylor Flumerfelt

I just wrote my post and I said some of the exact same things you did! My first two are definitely time manage and get involved. Those are SO big when it comes to college. People who do invest so much in their future. I like 9 and 10 too. Be responsible for all areas of life! Very good tips!

Blog Comment #3:

nyc pr girls. 9/24/11. Blog Post: “PRofile: The Sak Brand Group” written by Meg

I am a PR student and this is great advice for me! Being a sophomore I have two more years to go but it is nice to know what the PR world is looking for before I get there! Networking is so important and in the PR field requires experience! Thank you for sharing. I love your blog!

Blog Comment #4:

PR Squared. 10/15/11. Blog Post: “Social Media For Newbies (Yes, Virginia, They Still Exist!)” written by Amanda Guisbond

I really just started using my Twitter account regularly! So I am one of those “newbies.” I think before when I was trying to use it, I was just trying to get into it like everyone else. But I agree with your first point! I knew how to work Twitter in particular but it wasn’t until I “experienced it” did it really click.

Blog Comment #5:

p.s. 10/15/11. Blog Post: “One Reason We Love Apple” written by Peter Shankman

“I agree completely! I love my Mac products because they work just the way I want and need them too. I like your quote at the end: “Create such amazing products and services within your company that your customers become fans, and offer their trust and faith in you.”That could apply in any company or service! “

Blog Comment #6:

PR Couture. 10/15/11. Blog Post: “Getting IN: My Fashion PR Internship at C&M Media”

What an awesome opportunity! As a PR student, my time for internships will be coming up shortly. It is encouraging to hear you loved yours! I like how you said “every contact is a great contact” That is absolutely so true. In the PR world, who you know counts so much!

Blog Comment #7:

Adventures in PR. 10/15/11. Blog Post: “Catalyst East 2011” written by David Barcelo

It looks like you all had a wonderful time! The guest speakers were a great group! I want to hear more about the trip! Wish I could have gone.

Blog Comment #8:

Delicious Future. 10/15/11. Blog Post: “Say Whaaaaat?” written by SaraHassani

All of your tips were so helpful! I like the “get to the 1 point.” I have seen so many blog comments that are very long and have a thing to say about every sentence of the long post! It’s just too much. Great post! Thank you for the reminders.

Blog Comment #9:

let me speak. 10/15/11. Blog Post: “10 pieces of nuggets for freshmen” written by Elizabeth Telg

I like how you said “discover your city.” Coming into Lakeland as a newbie and freshman I thought there was nothing to do in this town! Now I am becoming a cultured citizen as a sophomore and learning all there is to know about my college town. Get out there and discover your city!

Blog Comment #10:

Annalee Cole. 10/15/11. Blog Post: “One for One Movement” written by Annalee Cole

Wow! I wasn’t aware that Blake was creating a line. How cool is that! I love the line with the different colors on the sides. I may just have to get a pair. Thank you for sharing!

Blog Comment #11:

Public Relations Matters. 10/24/11. Blog Post: “TED Talk by Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles” written by Barbara Nixon 

I think the customization that filter bubbles offer could be somewhat dangerous. A search should be unbiased information that is handed to the “searcher” so we may be able to be introduced to new ideas and people just as Eli said. I agree that the the makers need to be aware that while this is a new and innovative idea, we still need the internet to be a wide source when it comes to searching online. It surprised me that search engines do this.

Blog Comment #12:

PR Couture. 11/19/11. Blog Post: “Marie Claire’s Twitter Strategy and Fashion PR Pitch” written by Crosby

I like the goal of tweeting: “it’s a combination of providing information and engaging in conversation.” Whether it’s a company’s PR strategy or a personal account, without that intent in mind, Twitter would be pointless! Great insight to Marie Claire. Thank you!

Blog Comment #13:

Behind Closed Doors. 11/19/11. Blog Post: “Behind the Scenes” written by Tara Duffy

I remember recitals I was in when I was younger and it was always crazy hectic behind the scenes. When you see a performance you almost forget everything that goes on on the other side of the show because it looks so flawless!

Blog Comment #14:

p.s. 11/19/11. Blog Post: “Ashton’s Only Twitter Mistake Was Running Away From Twitter” written by Peter Shankman

Walking away from his account was not the smartest idea when it came to his Twitter account! I agree with you point one: when celebrities handle their own twitter accounts, you feel like they are being personable with you. He reacted to his mess up instead of responding to it effectively.

Blog Comment #15:

p.s. 11/28/11. Blog Post: “How To Be Productive While Staying Mobile” written by Peter Shankman

Thank you for your insight! So many times we see those “waiting periods as wasting time instead of opportunities to be productive.” For things like answering tweets and little things, short burst downtime can be filled with getting things done!

Blog Comment #16:

Mashable. 11/28/11. Blog Post: “Most Americans Check Work Email During the Holidays” written by Zoe Fox

I am not surprised that over half of Americans check their work email during vacation time. Email is easy to access. It may take a few minutes to log in and review the incoming messages. Especially in the PR world; on vacation, a PR professional will probably check work email multiple times a day.

Blog Comment #17:

The Future Buzz. 11/28/11. Blog Post: “A College Degree is Hardly a Guarantee” written by Adam Singer

The title of this post caught my attention given that I am a current college student. The sentence that reads “things have changed from tell me to show me” rang loud. The world is about what you can do and who you know.

Blog Comment #18:

paullyoung.com. 11/28/11. Blog Post: “Internet Trends Data” written by Paull Young

I agree with LaRenn. The findings from this report really make an individual aware about how the internet affects us. Not only the internet but also what it is doing to our generation with the social media revolution.

Blog Comment #19:

nycPRgirls. 11/28/11. Blog Post: “PR Twitter Chats” written by Adrianna

Thank you! I was wondering when these Twitter chats happen. I would like to participate in future ones!

Blog Comment #20:

nysPRgirls. 11/28/11. Blog Post: “How to Stand Out in Your Summer Internship” written by Meg

I have not done my intern yet, but I was encouraged to read the “Speak Up” portion of this post. I think everyone thinks to just do what they’re told and not contribute anything. In different workshops, I have also heard to ask questions. You are there to learn!

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